get more listeners for your podcast

Get a sh*t load more listeners for your podcast

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Getting more listeners for your podcast is always a struggle but I have some great advice to help you do it.

Search any category in Apple Podcasts or Spotify and they only display the most listened to shows.

The top listings are dominated by large networks who use their muscle to get attention. This is called the issue of podcast discovery.

So how do you get more listeners for you podcast?

This downloadable guide is for you if you are struggling to get more listeners for your podcast. You'll have already launched your show but perhaps it's not gaining the audience you deserve.

Maybe you've used the usual methods to attract listeners without success like sharing your show on all the podcast platforms, social media and audiograms.

I'll show you how to grow your podcast audience

This guide will show you how to grown your podcast audience using simple SEO techniques (search engine optimisation) plus simple and cheap Google Ads campaigns. 

I'll use my show, My Garden Podcast, as an example to lead you through the steps I took to take it from zero to 10 thousand downloads in six months.

Start growing your podcast audience

Most podcasting hosts offer a web page for your show but you'll need more than this. To get started you will need a website for your podcast that you have access to edit, a WordPress website is ideal. 

There's no complicated coding required but you must be willing to get to grips with some of the free tools I recommend.

Get started building your podcast audience

The guide is free (for a limited time) in exchange for an honest review of it. To get the guide email me: