Pitch a TV Show Podcast

Pitch a TV Show Podcast

People keep sending me their ideas for TV shows - So I've made a podcast called
Pitch a TV Show

Pitch a TV Show is my podcast for anyone who has a great idea for a TV show and would like to get it heard.

I'll take your audio pitch and play it to a panel of TV professionals including executives, producers and presenters. They'll feedback on the idea and give you tips and advice on how to get your show made.

Pitch a TV Show Podcast Season 3

NEW! Pitch a TV Show Podcast 

Wicked: A supernatural drama

Season 3: Full episode

Raymond wants to make a supernatural drama about an adopted teenage witch looking for her parents. He pitches the TV show to producer Simon Howley and screenwriter J.E. Clarke. Episode page and transcript - Pitch a superhero TV show.

Pitch a TV Show Podcast  

Launch: A reality TV show about sailing

Season 1: Trailer

In season one of Pitch a TV Show Podcast, Helen Pearson who works as a court administrator in the UK pitches her idea for a reality TV show about sailing. Helen passionately wants to get more people into the past time. Hear all episodes.

Pitch a TV Show Podcast

The Clutter Coach: A TV Show about hoarding

Season 2: Trailer

In season two of Pitch a TV Show Podcast. Professional clutter coach Clare Baker wants to make a show that helps hoarders to help themselves. Subscribe now to hear new episodes from Monday 1st Feb 2021. Hear all episodes.

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I have an idea for a TV show. Send it to Pitch a TV Show Podcast

Update: We currently have a backlog of pitches for the podcast which will be returning with a new season autumn/fall 2021. If you're sending a pitch please bear with us. 

Do you have a great idea for a TV show? Getting a TV show considered is tough for TV insiders and almost impossible for everyone else unless you have an industry partner like a production company. I can't promise your idea will get made but you will get useful tips, advice and feedback. Maybe you've got a great idea for a drama, sitcom, game show, documentary or factual series. Let's hear it.

How to pitch a TV show

Would you like to send me your idea? It’s simple and free, just send me a short audio recording of your pitch. Record this as a voice memo on your phone. Try and keep this to around 3 minutes in duration. Then email it to pitch@steveblears.co.uk

If your pitch is selected for the podcast I’ll find TV executives, producers and presenters to hear it. Once they’ve offered their feedback, I’ll share that with you.

Use this template for your TV show pitch

“Hi Steve, I’m (your full name) from (your city and country) and I’ve got a great idea for a tv show.

It’s called…. (your TV show title, make it short and snappy, think about the length of titles on TV).

It’s about... (try and sum up your idea in one sentence, think headline, not full explanation).

So in each episode… (In another couple of sentences tell us about the format, who would take part? What they would do?)

I know this would make a great show because… (Why do we need to see this? Why would viewers enjoy it? Is it fun, dramatic entertaining for example.)

So that’s my idea, hope you like it.” (END there, don’t say goodbye)

Once you are done email it to pitch@steveblears.co.uk