Wicked - Pitch a TV Show season 2

Are you a producer, writer or director in scripted drama? Pitch a TV Show podcast needs your help.

Pitch a TV show is my podcast for anyone who has a great idea for a TV show and would like to get it heard. We'd like to hear your feedback on a new idea for a fantasy drama called Wicked.


Take part in Pitch a TV Show podcast

Raymond is an aspiring drama writer from California. Please listen to his audio pitch for Wicked and send me your feedback.

How to send your feedback

What do you think of Raymond's idea? What's your advice? What should he do next to try and get his show made? Please include an introduction for yourself including your full name and a few details about your work in scripted drama. 

Record your feedback as an audio memo on your phone and send it to me via email or via Whatsapp to +44(0)7764335729


Steve Blears