I want to make a reality TV show about sailing

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The pitch: Launch, a reality TV show about sailing

The pitch: Launch, a reality TV show about sailing

Season 1: Episode 1

This time on Pitch a TV Show podcast. Helen Pearson, a court administrator from the UK, wants to make a reality TV show about sailing.

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I want to make a reality TV show about sailing - Transcript

This time a reality TV show about sailing, it's called Launch.

"A boat, the wind, the water."
"Incredible jaw-dropping, wow!"

Hi, I'm Steve Blears and people keep sending me their ideas for TV shows.

I've got a great idea for a TV show about sailing

"Hi Steve, I'm Helen Pearson and I've got a great idea for a reality TV show."

So welcome to Pitch a TV Show, the podcast where anyone can put their idea to a panel of TV professionals.

"What do you do for a living Helen?"
"I work full time in the criminal justice system."

I'll be sharing it with executives, "I love your idea about sailing"

Producers, "I really enjoyed listening to your pitch."

TV insiders and presenters, " It is inspiring."

Their feedback let's say will be honest, "that needs work on."

We'll lift the bonnet on what it takes to make a hit, " It's hard to bring an audience unless you're offering something really special."

And give your idea a chance to shine, "I guess it's just somebody falling in love with the idea and taking it forwards."

Now I'm not making any promises but who knows maybe, just maybe it'll get made. If you've got a great idea details coming up but first let's hear the pitch.

My idea for a TV show about sailing

"Hi Steve, I'm Helen Pearson from Lincolnshire in the UK and I've got a great idea for a reality TV show. It aims to inspire the public to get off their sofas and their devices and into the real outdoors World by learning to sail.

It's called Launch. A boat, the wind, the water. Once afloat you're in a new world and you are in command. Your decisions, your responsibility. The underlying theme of this TV show is building life-enhancing skills. So the eight competing couples invited to take part will typically be people who are facing challenging circumstances in their lives.

Each episode of the series will cover a particular basic sailing skill and then the final episode will be two action-packed races involving all eight couples and ultimately one couple will be voted as the best sailing couple.

They won't necessarily be the best sailors They might have made the most progress throughout the series or just have caught the general public's imagination.

Performance will be assessed by a panel of four judges. Two of these will be permanently on the panel, iconic professional figures from the British sailing community. Two will be civilian Royal Yachting Association qualified instructors who normally operate as volunteer instructors in their own time at the sailing club where the episode in question is being filmed. The one stipulation is that none of the contestants should be a celebrity as to my mind celebrities have already plenty of money and exposure on TV. Thank you for listening and I look forward to getting your feedback."

"Hi Helen, how are you?"

"Yeah absolutely fantastic?"

"What do you do for a living Helen?"

"I prepare digital case files for first hearings in magistrates course in the criminal justice system."

"Lots of people might sit on the sofa and go, I've got a great idea for a TV show, very few people get to the point where they want to make one. Why do you want to make a TV show?"

"I do have good instincts, I have in the past when I've had a hunch I followed them and I have been successful."

"So you started sailing 10 years ago and you are now a fanatic, when did you decide that you wanted to make a TV show?"

"It's not something I've just suddenly thought of. It's something that's been on my mind for a good two years. I did send some emails out a couple of years ago and I just noticed all the fun that I've had, friends I've made, people that I've met and the inclusivity of it all. And I think there's something for everybody."

"Okay Helen, I'm gonna take your pitch and I'm going to share it with TV professionals for their feedback. Are you ready for what they are going to say?"

"Sometimes I can be guilty of lacking confidence and deep down, I don't know, I've always thought well it would be too good to be true if it was taken seriously. There's just so much to gain and also in terms of TV, I can imagine it. Perhaps if some people think, I don't really want a nautical lesson on how to rig-up. If some producers think, oh well car crash telly. I can assure you that there probably will be bitchiness there will be tears."

Sounds promising! I like Helen's idea. It's original and in a competition format that an audience will understand. Pitching a show can be a struggle even for TV insiders. Helen's already sent Launch to production companies and commissioners without success and almost no feedback So I'm gonna help her get her idea in shape and give it some air time.

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